Stadtmuseum Freising

After extensive restoration, Stadtmuseum Freising opened in autumn 2007 in this new venue with a new museum concept.

Historical building — Germany


Thickness 35 mm. Width 300-400 mm. Length 7 m
Finish Lye and Natural Soap

It is no coincidence that the local history museum Stadtmuseum Freising is situated in the heart of the town of Freising in southern Germany. Since 1890, the museum has preserved and displayed the fascinating and important thousand-year history of Freising. Since 1965, the museum has resided at Marienplatz in a listed building that was previously a school.


In 2007, custom-designed glass display cases were installed as well as a new lighting system. The 300-year-old larch wood floor was restored and supplemented with long, wide Douglas planks from Dinesen. The combination creates a harmonious ambience and provides a discreet background for the comprehensive collection.


With the restoration project, the museum has managed to create the perfect setting for presenting the history of the town. Thus, the museum has itself become an important milestone with a venue that is future-proof until the day when the building may enter the history books itself. However, this is not going to happen any time soon, as an additional expansion of the museum has already been planned.


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