The forest

All our suppliers practice sustainable forestry, and we source only the best raw wood, which we treat with care and respect. Explore the forest with Dinesen, and experience the majestic and unique trees.

Sustainability in practice

As an old family business, we appreciate the importance of planning for the future. Therefore, we only use raw wood from sustainable forestry where the stands are tended with the greatest care and respect for nature. We source most of our wood from Germany, but we also work with other European countries where forestry has been based on sustainable principles for centuries. That is sustainability in practice. Many of our suppliers are certified under modern international accreditation schemes such as FSC and PEFC. For Dinesen, however, the foresters’ attitude and sense of responsibility carry far more weight than papers and certificates.

You can therefore enjoy your Dinesen floors with a clear conscience. The forest is still standing.


In the Black Forest the stands are tended with the greatest care and respect for nature.

Trees with history

Our raw wood comes from majestic Douglas firs and characterful oak trees. The Douglas fir can grow up to 60 metres tall with a diameter of 1 metre. The wood species is native to the North American west coast but was introduced to Europe in 1827. Today, proud Douglas firs aged 80 to 120 years old are found in the Black Forest, among other places. Oak trees can become more than 200 years old and have a strong personality. The oak trees in the forest range from slender and elegant to broad and powerful. As a common characteristic, they are mature trees with a high degree of stability and durability.

The selection process

Working with the good contacts we have developed over our long history, Dinesen sources the most suitable trees. Thomas Dinesen often visits the forest, so the foresters know exactly what we are looking for. Each tree is selected based on quality criteria such as straightness, growth rings, knots and harmony, and only a small proportion of trees live up to our standards. Of the individual oak tree, typically only the lower 3 to 7 metres meet Dinesen’s quality requirements. For the Douglas fir, we can normally only use the lower 5 to 10 metres, and occasionally, up to 15 metres. Since so few trees make it through the eye of the needle, we make sure to use the trees we select as efficiently as possible.

The Black Forest.
The felling is carefully planned for the sake of the surrounding trees. 
Felling of Douglas in the Black Forest.
After a tree has been felled, the forest turns quiet.
Normally, only the lower 5 to 10 metres of the Douglas meet our quality requirements.