Dinesen White Oil, 2,5 L

For basic finish, final oil finish and maintenance of oil-finished floors. Dinesen White Oil is that oil from Dinesen that provides the lightest expression.

GBP 62.50

Product Description

The oil leaves a strong surface that is easy to clean with Dinesen Floor Soap for wooden floors with an oil or lacquer finish. Dinesen Oil protects the wood from dirt and spills. It is therefore very important to preserve the oil membrane. We generally recommend that you re-oil the floor once or twice a year, based on use and wear.

See our instruction videos for a thorough demonstration of the correct procedure, and always read our instructions before using the product.

2.5 litres
Spreading rate
Basic finish: approximately 5-10 m2/litre
Final oil finish: approximately 20-30 m2/litre

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