Oak instruction videos

A Dinesen floor requires maintenance to stay beautiful. With the right treatment and products you will be able to enjoy your Dinesen floor for many years to come. In our instruction videos you will find further guidance. 

Please note that the videos are intended as a guides only. We recommend that you read our instructions for a detailed description. 

To order and purchase products in the maintenance series, please go to our webshop.


See how a newly installed Dinesen Oak plank floor is sanded.

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Oil finish

See how oil is applied to a newly installed or newly sanded Dinesen Oak plank floor.

The video only demonstrates the primary finishing process. The separate video on washing oil-finished floors shows subsequent maintenance.

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Washing oil finished floors

See the best way to wash an oil finished Dinesen Oak plank floor.

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Using a floor washing machine

See how to use a floor washing machine on a Dinesen Oak plank floor.

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Maintenance oil

See how to re-establish the protective layer of oil on an oil-finished Dinesen Oak plank floor.

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